Something my Dad told me growing up.
Posted on: October 31, 2016, by : Edward Nigma

When I was a kid I had some problems with bullies, what kid doesn’t?

I remember distinctly something my dad told me, a little insight into humanity.

“There are three types of people, those that do nothing, those that destroy, and those that create.”

He split these groups up into 60%, 30%, and 10%. He told me it was up to that 10% to take care of EVERYONE else. He told me I was part of that 10% and it would be up to me to help people that didn’t know they needed to be helped.

Let me explain further:
Sixty percent of the world lives and dies and leaves nothing but a few faint memories that they even existed.

Thirty percent of the world lives on for a short time after their death in the memories of their victims, and the visions of atrocities they committed. Their greed and graft living on the earth as an open wound in the hearts, minds, and finances of others.

Ten percent of the world leaves a lasting impact – their cures for disease touch the lives of millions, their heroic actions and attitudes inspire generations, their buildings create the skylines.

As a kid, I believed I was part of the 10% destined for greatness. As I slumped on in years, I grew to believe I was part of the 60% that would blow out quickly like a candle when my time came.

Only now have I realized – my dad was right then but wrong now. There is a movement where millions and millions are finally doing something. It’s a tough job to tackle the destructive 30%, their poison creeps and plagues everywhere. The epitome of this is the corruption in US politics – the 60% have turned a blind eye to this for decades. We’ve held people to different standards because of their genitals, skin color, or because they were on television once. It is clear to me now that the 60% doesn’t just live and die without leaving its mark – it’s just a very subtle touch that happens as a group. Part of that 60% is helping, rooting for, and celebrating the face of the creators. Another part of that 60% is supporting liars, grafters, thieves, rapists, pedophiles, and the list could go on forever.

The world has changed. The “basket of deplorables” should now be part of the 10% that creates. Individually we may not be the powerful elite of the world, but together, we are the meek, we are the protectors – doing the right thing regardless of what the destroyers and the clueless think they want.


The 10% is growing.

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