Media Collusion – More Obvious than ever [Conway on Couch]
Posted on: March 1, 2017, by : Edward Nigma
45th President of the United States Donald J Trump



It doesn’t take much to see that this picture of many MSM sources combined sparks debate sparks debate sparks debate sparks debate sparks debate.

There are dozens of examples where these news sources are either plagiarizing another source OR they are taking their marching orders from the same place. I wish I could say they have ethical standards but it’s very clear that they have no scruples and only hatred and resentment in their heart. I was hoping that with President Trump, the incredulous media would see a resurgence in investigative journalism but it is clear that the field is dead for these main stream media conglomerates which favor the buzzfeed style of “10 REASONS OBAMA WAS THE BEST PREZZY YOU WON’T BELIEVEĀ  #45”

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