Obama’s Secret Tarmac meeting
Posted on: March 16, 2017, by : Edward Nigma

Obama is doing his second “Stop Trump Tour”, finally accomplishing something historic by becoming the first president to  actively undermine his successor.


Obama met with Warren Buffet and some Silicon Valley big shots before heading to Hawaii on the 13th.

While in Hawaii, Obama was within 5 minutes travel from his peer at Harvard, friend, and judicial appointee Derrick Watson who two days later put Trump’s second travel ban on hold.

What a coincidence? Do you think they met? I bet they only talked golf and grandchildren if they did. The Democrats, especially Clinton & Obama don’t care about impropriety or the appearance thereof. Their constituents blindly accept any truth they are fed and go on the attack for “fake news”, “offering no evidence”, or whatever other saying of the week comes up next. Apparently never tired of being wrong they’ll surely continue with this in the future until there’s only the brain dead left to vote for them (although there aren’t many brain cells left right now).

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