Controlled by Google
Posted on: June 25, 2019, by : Edward Nigma

A huge story broke earlier today.

Project Veritas released undercover video of a Google executive discussing their plans to prevent another “2016” (Or in other words, the election of Trump.

This has been widely removed from the internet – but, is this really a surprise?

I remember distinctly, during the 2nd Presidential debate between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton. Hillary insisted Donald Trump was for the Iraq war and had been all along. She told the audience at home to “Google Donald Trump Iraq”. On that page were a bunch of recently posted, carefully curated articles from left leaning news sources.

Other search engines had different results – so tell me, how did she know exactly what query to send and when?

According to google trends, nobody really ever googled that before, or after, so what a strange thing for her to say, and how odd that all the results were news sources with her false claim.

It seems to me that Google contributed to the Hillary Clinton Campaign that evening. A 30 second add AFTER the debate was going for over $200,000. A plug during the debate didn’t exist, but would have been significantly more. It seems as though Google contributed a huge gain to the Hillary Clinton Campaign with it’s perfect attack query.

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